Corn husk dolls

Every time I am visiting Slovakia or Czech Republic, I always buy these handmade traditional corn husk dolls. Not just for me, but I give them as small gifts to friends and family. I like them very much. They are cute, interesting, small and very light-weighted, so its easy to carry them with you home. You can use them as a home decoration and a small souvenir to remember the country you had visited.

A little bit of the background

I didn’t find much information. Just that during the second half of 20th century, the production of corn husk dolls had developed and turned into a traditional industry in former Czechoslovakia. As the name implies corn dolls, are made of dried corn husks which are joined together with thread – all made by hand. Some of them  even carry small objects like flowers, basket, bread – made with real dough e.t.c. Slovak rural life  was a big  inspiration when creating the dolls, so it became the main theme. They are sold in souvenirs and folklore shops.

corn_husk_dolls_slovakiaMy mum has a lot of corn husk dolls. She created a small miniature village with corn people on a shelf in her living room! These photos are from her collection.

I don’t have space in my apartment to place them – as small as they might be – so I keep them in a drawer. I know, not a good place to keep them. They should be in plain view. Some day I will find them a place! But I have a corn lady bookmark that I use  when I am reading a book.

A small memory of Slovakia!

4 thoughts on “Corn husk dolls”

  1. hy!!
    sorry for the inconvenience , my name is sonia .
    20 years ago i went to prague and i felt in love with corn husk dolls, i bought there a lot of them and i have many but no animals …. every year i buy some figures on Line but i cant find any Shop in prague, i lost the Shop adress and i would like to buy camels, donkeys, cows, horses ……. please please could You Tell me the name of any Shop where i can buy them???
    thanks so much and sorry for the inconvenience again .
    Best regards for You


    1. Hi Sonia,
      I’m so sorry for answering so late. Unfortunately I don’t know any address. The last time I’ve been in Slovakia in the capital city -Bratislava- I bought corn husk bookmarks from two different shops, which are located in the main square “Hlavne Namestie” of the old town. They are either folklore or souvenir shops. Probably in Prague it would be in the old town as well as it is a tourist attraction.


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